Build and Play Toy Set Package (148 Parts)



Product Description

  • This 148 piece toy pack assembles into 1 of 5 different vehicles including a bulldozer, race car, helicopter, boat or van; it's all up to the child playing.
  • It is a more complex realistic toy design that is intended for kids ages 5 and up who show an interest in building things with their own two hands.
  • Including a toy screwdriver and wrench set that will give kids the real world experience of building something from scratch and may lead them down the path of engineering.
  • A great way to brighten any kids' day is to surprise them with this fantastic toy set that also makes a wonderful birthday gift.


  • This engineering design toy package includes 148 parts that can be assembled into 1 of 5 different models. Using toy screwdriver and wrench set children will get a feel of what it's like to actually be an engineer as they take apart and put together their own cool and unique vehicles. They can choose any design they want or follow the instructions to assemble their own race car, boat, bulldozer, van or helicopter. Perfect for boys or girls who enjoy building things with their own hands ages 5 years and older. This will not only be a fun toy to play with for kids but is very educational as it will teach them about the complicated intricate process involved in building something from scratch and with realistic plastic toy screws and bolts they will actually learn the basics of engineering.
  • Description: Included in this toy pack is 148 different parts that fit together into different vehicles including a race car, boat, helicopter, van or bulldozer. Each time you kids sits down to play they can put together their very own cool and unique toy for the day, and mid way through play time if they want to land the helicopter and transform it into a race car they can practice quickly taking it apart and putting it back together for seem less transformation play time. The best part about this toy set is it gets kids comfortable with building complex things out of small parts which could build the foundation required for them to grow into successful engineers.
  • Product dimensions: 10 x 6.3 x 5.1 inches
  • Item weight: 2.2 pounds