Eco-Friendly Construction Kit: Hand (220 pcs)



Product Description


Want a fun project for your teenagers?  Here is a mechanical 3D puzzle that can take up hours of their time in an exciting and educational way.  They will never need to think of a physics project again, with these designs at their fingertips!  They can impress their teacher by showing them projects that will pave their way to a future in design.

 This is unique pattern technology allows you to put together complicated, fully functioning patterns and designs.  These designs are put together by toothpicks for the connectors and rubber bands as a mechanism to make everything move.  NO MESSY GLUE NECESSARY.  It is even made from ECO Friendly Plywood, and created in Europe.

 You can make your design come to life, like Frankenstein’s monster!  Not only do you make the design, but they can also move!

The HAND design comes with 220 pieces.  Once you finish creating your hand, you can almost use it like a puppet.  You stick your hand inside your new creation where there are spots for you to put your fingers.  Then you can make your wooden hand do anything that your fingers can do.  You can cheer for your favorite sports team, rock out at a concert, or even give someone the “come here” sign, all with your new creation.

The size of the model: 4.37*20.47*10.62 IN
The size of the package: 7.28*14.37*1.37 IN
Number of pieces: 220