Solar Bullet Train



Product Description

  • Solar Bullet Train For Kids let your children build solar train themselves Solar powered bullet shaped train, Do it yourself now!
  • New energy source, Environment friendly, Great assembling toy for kid to practice their brain and be educated the benefits of solar energy. 
  • Ideal to express your kids’ interest in science, extremely helping your children on creation Solar powered, fun to play with and requires no batteries
  • Easy to assemble by following the step in instruction
  • Comes with mounting screws and gears
  • Suitable for children 10 years old above
  • To perform a great result please direct use under sunlight
  • The kit will not work in cloudy or shady locations or under a fluorescent light
  • The kit will not work if built wrong
  • Panel Size (L x W x H): 160 x 145 x 15mm
  • Solar Panel Size (L x W): 30 x 18mm
  • Color: Grey
  • Package Included: 1 X Solar Panel 1 X Pack of Screws and Gears 1 X Assemble Panel 1 X Danish & User Manual