Volcano Eruption kit (DIY Experimental Device)



Product Description

The inside of the Earth is a mystery that fascinates many children, and the Wonder Gears Volcano Do It Yourself Experimental Eruption Kit allows kids to explore the volcanic process to better understand what’s going on beneath their feet! In addition, this chemistry experiment is a great exposure to the scientific method, and requires good direction following and problem solving skills.
Description: The Wonder Gears Do It Yourself Volcano Experimental Eruption Kit is a wonderful way to introduce a child to the scientific method, not to mention Earth Science! The kit includes everything a budding scientist needs to produce an awe-inspiring explosion that’s colorful, but contained and safe.
  • The kit includes the volcano itself, measuring tools, a stirring stick and a syringe and plastic cup to accurately mix the components, safety goggles and the chemicals necessary to produce the explosion!
  • Learning about the earth’s interior is only one of the interesting ways in which this toy can not only provide hours of enjoyment, but also lots of learning opportunity!
  • The Wonder Gears toy is built of safe materials.
  • Do It Yourself is a great way for children to learn the concepts of scientific method!
  • Recommended age: 8 years and up